Give the gift of helping returning Kiwi to the Ruahine Range.

As a donation, for a loved one for a special occasion or just to say you care. Gift to support Ruahine Kiwi in our vital mahi to enable the reintroduction of Kiwi by 2026.

Your gift will help resource the ongoing work to significantly decrease predator numbers in the Ruahine Range so endemic bird and plant life can thrive. This in turn will create the right climate for Kiwi to be safely and successfully introduced by 2026 into an area where they have been scarcely seen for many decades.

1. Make a donation of your chosen amount.

2. Once the donation is received, we will send out a gift certificate. This will be sent to you, or to the gift recipient/s directly (if their email address has been provided). 

Buy eggs from The Egg Project!

The Egg Project is giving much appreciated support to Ruahine Kiwi through an incentive for people to donate eggs for traps for the cause. Hundreds of eggs have been donated so far and doing so is a simple way to support biodiversity and the reintroduction of kiwi to the Ruahine Range by 2026.

Volunteer for Ruahine Kiwi

Are you a keen walker or outdoors person who is interested in checking
a trapline on a regular basis? Do you have other skills you think might be valuable to the project?

We are looking for volunteers for a variety of possible roles from July 2024 when project funding changes, and we realign our work for the next 2 years. 

Please fill out the form below to help us manage your skills, interests and availability with our needs.